Palmares beach

2014 Puerto Vallarta. First BLUE FLAG certified beach in the state of Jalisco

Honorable Mention, 9th Jalisco Architecture Biennial 2015

Being part of the Puerto Vallarta Beach Access Master Plan, this access requires special mention because it is the beach with the highest public influx in the South of Puerto Vallarta.

A minimal investment made by the ZOFEMAT fund guaranteed the development of this access, which has a parking lot, surveillance module, public toilets and showers.

The project is itself a ramp that allows universal accessibility to the beach from road level, at approximately 5 meters above sea level.

In its bathroom module passive systems are incorporated to ensure natural ventilation and lighting, water is captured from a neighboring stream and the water is treated with a biodigestion system that produces nutrient water that feeds oxidation tubs with irrigation-free vegetation that remains green all year round and integrates the treated water into the water cycle via evapotranspiration.