Casa del Mirador, Mismaloya
Puerto Vallarta 2017

Silver Medal, Architecture Biennial R05 FCARM 2017

The land of this house is a longitudinal rocky hill perpendicular to the sea that ends in a rocky cliff where there was a pre-existing viewpoint, which gives the house its name.

This topographic condition constituted a challenge for the project since the program requested that all the main areas be on one floor, only the guest rooms being able to be on another level.

We opted for a game in the shape of a flying horseshoe that would offer the best views of the sea to the social area, side views of the pool and better orientation to the study and TV room, leaving the bedrooms at the back with greater privacy.

With the use of pure forms and transparency, the beauty of the natural environment is framed, managing not only to respect but to enrich the landscape that flows naturally around and through the house.