We are a group of professionals in architecture and urban planning with a strong commitment and sensitivity to the environment, society and culture.

In our designs we translate cultural processes of specific contexts in spaces and territories
livable and sustainable aesthetics.

We address the architecture as the dynamic meeting point and balance between nature and life
daily human, capable of enhancing consciousness and spirit towards understanding the inseparable interdependence of both as a condition for the inheritance of this world to future generations.


We design and build habitable spaces of the highest quality with a contemporary language but with the ability to dialogue with their physical, natural and symbolic context.

We create attractive but sincere spaces, free of fashions and decorative, formal or technological excesses. Our buildings are alive. We design with light, with time, with life.


Through design we add aesthetic value to the city, improve its efficiency, connect it,
We make it more comfortable and fun, we create spaces for coexistence, we recover well-being
to live in nature without losing the benefits of being in the city.


We investigate the ways of inhabiting cities, of signifying them, of appropriating and imagining them. We follow the journey of objects and shapes. We observe phenomena, materials, and systems. We seek to recover knowledge, generate it and disseminate it.


Jorge Alberto Ramirez Robles, Master in urban planning and development, from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Postgraduate degree in cultural policies and management from the OEI / UAM / CNA and a diploma in project management and evaluation from the ALARIFE College.

Architect by ITESO. Founded partner of P20 Arquitectos and General Director of the SITUS office. He has participated in the public sector as Director of cultural management, in the direction of culture of the H. City of Guadalajara and as Director of technical secretariats at SEDESUR, Jalisco.

He was a promoter of social management and participatory urban intervention at ITESO.